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  • A minimum of 4 players per team must be on the field at any given time. 

  • All kits must be numbered.

  • Games will be for a period of 2 x 20 (2 x 15 for Juniors) minute halves with a minimum of 5 minutes half time break.

  • Mixed senior teams must take the field with a minimum of two female outfield players.

  • All players must wear shin pads.

  • All goalkeepers must wear gloves

  • All players must have numbered shirts.

  • All players must wear the same colour playing shirt as designated on the team registration form. 

  • The offside rule will not apply. 

  • Kick offs will be taken from halfway. 

  • No throw-ins. 

  • No corners. 

  • If the ball hits any part of the fence behind the goalkeeper, the ball automatically goes to the goalkeeper for a restart. The goalkeeper can distribute the ball either by hand or foot. 

  • If a team kicks the ball out of the pitch, the match will restart with the goalkeeper of the opposing team. 

  • All free kicks are indirect. 

  • All penalties are to be taken 1m back from the goal area. To be measured by the referee. 

  • In the event of a penalty being awarded, all penalty takers can only take one step before striking the ball.

  • Goalkeepers can pass the ball out with their feet or throw it out with their hands. 

  • Goalkeepers cannot kick the ball out of their hands or drop-kick the ball directly from their hands, if done so, this will result in an indirect free kick from the penalty spot. 

  • When in their hands the goalkeepers have 4 seconds to dispose of the ball. 

  • Goalkeepers may not pick the ball up if it has been passed to them by a teammate. This will result in an indirect free kick awarded from the penalty spot. 

  • No pushing or bumping into the walls

  • Serious foul play will be punishable by red cards. Reckless and unsporting behaviour will be punishable by yellow cards.

  • All free kicks awarded, will be indirect and the opposing player or wall must be a minimum of 2 metres away. 

  • Unlimited interchange will be allowed for all matches.

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